KOMI-SAN IS BRILLIANT And UNIQUE (Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 1-12) Review

Hey Hey !! I am Mannu today we are going to review a new Anime. So, Let’s Begin Komi Can’t Communicate Is Unique Anime !  This is an anime that is doing something not many other comedy anime are doing and we’re going to discuss why that is, at least for episode 1.


So it’s finally out and Komi Can’t Communicate is a brilliant way to celebrate good hump day.  Though, you guys may be surprised by this, I’ve not read a lick of the manga.  So this is my first time experiencing what so many people consider to be an all-time great comedy manga.  First impressions are great and it’s a show I think you guys will find interesting, the art and animation of this series are really damn good and that’s somewhat surprising as OLM, the studio behind such classics as Berserk 97, Pokemon, and last season’s Odd Taxi are producing the art and animation.  I did not expect them to put so much into the animation, though it does make sense as  it’s such a simplistic show when you get down to it. 

This episode followed Tadano who’s starting at a new school, there he meets Komi-San.  She’s the school’s beauty and most popular to the point everyone, boys and girls are in love with Komi.  The issue is that Komi, as the name implies can’t communicate, or at least all that well.  So because of this many of the episode’s funniest moments were simply seeing Komi-san react and see her faces.  In that sense, they take advantage of the animation in this episode by making Komi the standout despite her being so silent.  No really, this animation is so good I don’t even care about Komi being so silent all the time.  Though I guess she does talk, but only very quietly which is nothing short but the cutest…  which… is pretty much how all the students react so maybe I’m falling for her too.  I’m digressing.


Komi Can’t Communicate My hope for the character of Komi is that they go into why she speaks the way she does and how that affects other people’s feelings about her and the perception around her.  If they do tackle this issue, my theory is that maybe since Komi-san feels sad about  her poor communication skills that she wants to properly express how she’s felt about  her popularity for so long.  It’s obvious to me that people’s perceptions of Komi-san are based only on the fact that she’s silent.  Take, for example, you know how when you play The Witcher Geralt is largely a silent protagonist, or your character in Fallout and Skryim is silent?  Well, it’s the same kind of mentally I’m applying to this. 

 Now the likelihood of that is negative a billion percent .69 [nice] and that’s something to be expected, of course, this is an anime after all.  But you tell me, is that comparison apt?  Though the show’s overall goal here is to get Komi-san to 100 friends with the help of her first friend, Tadano.  This is where the show gets interesting at the end, the school is full of talented people who are eccentric in their own ways.  Meaning that Komi and Tadano are the most regular people in a school full of irregular people.  That makes the situation so much more difficult for her to get friends, but even.

Image of Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate Poster

So, Komi Can’t Communicate, I do wonder how this show will progress.  We’ve seen at the end of the episode a nice collage of people in the school.  We’ve already seen there is a literal freaking Ninja, like… what the fuck?  This school has literal honest to god ninjas.  Then you have… a fucking knight?  What exactly is this school about anyways?  Is the next episode gonna have the ninja summon Saber and start a Holy Grail war?  Actually no, I have to write that idea down for my next fan fic.  Ninja…  Holy Gr– Okay listen you guys didn’t see shit.  Back on topic, it seems that a lot of this show’s strength will be in its cast of eccentric characters which makes me hopeful for the series’ quality.  With shows like these, there is always the worry that it will be anchored

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