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FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood full series all Episodes and Released anga series


In a village Resembool which is in country of Amestris. There are two brothers Adward and Alphonse Elric living with his mother trisha Elric. Their father Hohenheim is a very good alchemist, but he abandoned their family while his son in childhood. So, the all responsibility on trisha Elric. And she start take caring for her children she try to began to show secret of the alchemists. And the borthers were very exited. However, when trisha is died because of old illness. After they were cared by her best friend welry rockben  and his grand mother pinako. The Elric brothers travels another county to To upgrade their alchemist knowledge and starting take training under Izumi Curtis. After their studying they decide to bring their mother back to life with Alchemy.

However, this process is very impossible to do so properly. they are failed to do this transmiultation. And the result is one of brother Al’s lost his whole body and other one lost his left leg. The Edward have only one choice to He has try to do his brother alive, so he sacrifice his one arm to back his borther soul in Al’s body. After they decide to burn their childhood home. (and they decide no turned back to their childhood place) After passing the Exam Edward  become  “Fullmental Alchemist” by the military government. And Al’s body get fully recover thorugh the fabled philosopher stone. The fullmetal Alchemist is very good series to see from my openion and their story is unique.


The “Fullmental Alchemist: Brotherhood” is a Japanese television series which is in anime form. The source of the this series is comes from Manga. And this is the second anime television series which is based on the Manga. (The Chinese title of this series is : Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) written by  hiroshi onogi and directed by Yasuhiro Erie and produced by the Bones. this TV series released in 2009-10.

Information of the series

  • Episode :- 64 Episodes
  • Release Year:-2009 to  2010
  • Release Date:- 5 april
  • Writer:- hiroshi onogi
  • Director:- Yasuhiro Erie
  • Producer:- Bones
  • Type:- TV series
  • Source:- Manga
  • Duration:- 25-30  min each episode
  • IMDB rating:-9.1/10
Main Character nameEdward Eric, Alphonse Eric
Age17, 15
Height5’8 , 5’6
Weight106 llbs / 100 lbs
Character sexmale/ male

Q1. Is Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood the same?

Ans- yes! The short name is FMAB.

Q2. What is the story of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood?

Ans-The story of two brother. Who try to back his dead mother soul with the alchemist.

Q3. Is FMA better than FMAB ?

Ans-there is no comparison. Both are good.

Q4- How old are Ed and Al at the end of brotherhood?

Ans- Ed was 11 and Al was 10.

Q5. How old is Al at the end of FMA?

Ans- he is at the age of 14-15.

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